About Us


WoopAds is a Classified Ads website portal where buyers and sellers mingle in a virtual place to agree on an item, .WoopAds provides users the ability to easily post classified ads, free or premium. At this moment in time, WoopAds provides three premium classified ad packages.

1.Featured Ads
2.Prioritized Ads
3.Highlighted Ads

Mission and Vision
Our primary mission is to be the best and the number one Classified Ads website in the Philippines,USA and Australia. To provide a web portal where buyers and sellers can easily interact with each other through the use of an organized, easy-to-use and flexible classified web system.
Our secondary mission is to create relationships with enterprises and establishments in order for them to advertise or promote their products on the classifieds web portal.
A place where:

1.Users can effortlessly post their advertisements with a few simple clicks
2.Classified items are exposed to thousands of people on a daily basis
3.Job Seekers can search for prospective employment opportunities
4.Entrepreneurs can create dealer pages for their products or services



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