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Region: Antipolo
Age: 1 years
Sex: Female
LECITHIN W/ VIT E (2000mg)
395 PHP / 100 softgels (natural)

Lecithin is a rich natural source of Choline and Inositol, important nutrients that the body synthesises to form substances that are found in cell membranes and are essential for the functioning of the brain and nervous tissue. They are also important natural emulsifiers of fats and as such, can help to keep cholesterol more soluble and assist the process of fat metabolism in the liver.
Benefits Derived:
• Lecithin is an important ingredient for fat absorption. If the dog food does not contain this enzyme, then the dog will be unable to absorb and use the fats.
• Like humans, dogs require lecithin daily to facilitate proper growth, including brain development, to maintain health and for disease prevention.
• It supplies the body with choline and inositiol.
• Lecithin emulsifies fat, improves digestion of fats, and aids the liver, heart, kidneys and gallbladder.
• Enriching dog diets with lecithin can result in better looking dogs, mentally sharper dogs and dogs that perform at a higher level. Dogs receiving additional lecithin are known to have a healthier hair coat and better skin condition
• Dogs with unhealthy skin are more resistant to irritations, infections, allergens, and scrapes and cuts heal more quickly. Likewise, their hair coat has the sheen and luster that just radiates “healthy dog”.
• Cell membranes throughout the body are affected by greater lecithin consumption. “Things just work better!” Dogs maintain their appetite and keep better condition during heavy training and working. They respond and perform better physically.
• Is essential for normal brain development. Researches indicates that offspring from bitches fed diets supplemented with lecithin during gestation and lactation were, in effect, “smarter” than offspring from bitches fed unsupplemented diets.
• Trainers report that dogs fed lecithin containing supplements for several weeks before starting training are easier to train, learn more quickly and “know what is going on” more than dogs not fed lecithin until they arrive at the kennel for training. These trainers also recognize that dogs getting lecithin-based products are in better condition and have more stamina than unsupplemented dogs.
• Lecithin and Brewers Yeast are finding increased use in the veterinary field. Older dogs, especially, require increased amounts of Lecithin
• Necessary for building cell membranes, maintaining liver and gallbladder function and moving fats and nutrients from the bloodstream and into cells.
• In animal feed it enriches fat & protein and improves pelletization.
• Helps remove dangerous toxins from the liver and stimulates production of bile.
Minimum of 2 packs per meet ups and with minimum worth of purchase per delivery depending on the location
Text me at 09195272603 for faster transaction.. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY VIA AIR21/ LBC


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